Matterport 3D Virtual Tour FAQ's

Are the 3D Virtual Tours viewable on mobile devices, tablets and VR headsets?

Absolutely!  Our 3D Virtual Tours are cross compatible for viewing on ANY device – desktop, mobile, tablet, VR headset – you name it.

Do I need to be present for the entire scan?

You are not required to be on site while we scan the property. The scanning process can be time consuming and most real estate professionals prefer to provide a lock-box code or unlock the property themselves.  During the scan, rooms must be empty (or appear so) in order to align properly and avoid inconsistencies.  Even the camera operator has to “hide” from the camera for each scan.  You are welcome to stay on site during the entirety of the scan, but you will be guided by the camera operator regarding where you can be so as not to appear in the tour.

Google vs Matterport 3D Virtual Tour — Which is Better?

Google and Matterport 3D virtual tours both have advantages.  You will receive a FREE Matterport 3D virtual tour with every Google Street View Tour.

Google Virtual Tours:

  • ONLY Google Virtual Tours appear right in Google search results and Google Maps. This doubles the effectiveness of your Google presence.
  • Price: Automated processing allows a remarkably low production cost.
  • Improved Google Local Search Results Ranking (Slightly, but even better with a virtual tour on you website.)
  • Improved Click-Through Rates from search results to your website.
  • See everything. A Google tour usually includes far more 360 steps, more closely placed, giving visitors the chance to look more closely at what is on the walls, hangers and shelves. Especially good for retail stores. Like walking through yourself.
  • No website? No problem. Google Virtual Tours are hosted by Google and get results even if your business has no website. (Although a website is a major contributor to search engine ranking.)
  • The best option if your website doesn’t allow virtual tours. This is especially true of franchise sites, many canned or template sites or if you just don’t want the programing challenge. And, if you can embed a YouTube video or Google map on your site, you can easily embed a Google virtual tour.
  • Google Branding on the tour even when embedded on your website. Some feel this lends a cache’ of credibility.
  • Embed the tour on your website or Facebook page.

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours:

  • Significant Native Search Engine Ranking improvements on all search engines when tour is given proper exposure.
  • Enhancements greatly improving effectiveness:
    • Background sound or music
    • Voice over narrator
    • Automated cinematic motion
    • Animated elements within images
    • Thumbnail navigation to move rapidly from one location to another especially over long distances.
    • Floor plans
    • Maps
    • Descriptive text, captions and titles
    • Virtual objects
    • Videos
    • Essentially, anything you can think of can be done
  • Share more of your story. Include voice over, pop-up text, even titles to tell visitors what they are looking at and why it is important adds significantly.
  • Real 360×180 viewing on mobile devices. Look all the way up and down without distortion. Works on all modern iOS, Android and Windows devices.
  • No Google Branding in the tour.
How do I cancel an appointment? What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that sometimes schedule changes are unavoidable.  If you need to cancel or reschedule your scan, please do so within 72 hours of your scan to avoid additional fees.

How do I prepare and schedule my space for scanning?

48 hours in advance booking is required.

Staging must be completed in advance and other vendors scheduled at a different time from our appointment.

Please see our Preparing for a Property Scan page for more information

How does lighting and weather affect 3D scanning?

The 3D Showcase camera system incorporates High­Dynamic­Range Imaging (HDR) sensors which allow the camera to adjust to changes in light.  This means that both light and dark areas can be captured at the same time.  The only issues encountered with this system are direct overhead sunlight.  Showcases ultimately turn out best when scheduled on a cloudy day, or in the morning or evening hours. As long as there is sufficient interior lighting, the finished project will look as good as a model created on a sunny day.
For oceanfront properties and similar spaces that feature a view to the outside property as a key selling point, good weather is best, but can be worked out on a case-by-case basis.

The nature of LIDAR 3D scanning is such that environments of harsh or bright sunlight may affect sections of the 3D model.  Outdoor scanning is not supported and will be included only when possible.  360° photos are available if weather permits at time of scan.

How long before I receive my 3D Virtual Tour once my space has been scanned?

Within 48 hours of scan completion.

How long does it take to scan my property?

It typically takes 60 minutes for every 1,000 square feet. Each individual scan takes about 1 minute. For projects larger than 25,000 square feet, scans may take several days to complete.

How long is my 3D Showcase Tour hosted online?

3D Showcases require an enormous amount of data and bandwidth, which is why they are stored in the cloud on special high speed servers. The first year of hosting is free, and to continue hosting there is a $79/model annual fee.  You are free to cancel hosting at any time.

After you receive your 3D Showcase URL and HTML embed code, it’s easy!

Simply share the link with anyone and everyone via email, Facebook or even Twitter.  Once you have your HTML code it’s just like embedding a YouTube video – you can put it in marketing emails or on your website/blog.

With a single page link, it’s even easier.  Simply copy and paste the website URL as a link to share.

What do I get with my 3D Showcase Tour?
  • URL link for the MLS
  • HTML embed code (use like embedding a YouTube video) for your website
  • 3D Showcase Tour
  • Flyover Floor Plan View
  • Dollhouse View
  • Free hosting – includes 1 year of hosting. Each additional year of hosting is $79 per 3D Showcase Tour
  • Single page website with custom URL (if applicable)
  • Outdoor 360° Photospheres
What is a “Rich Media Tag”?

A Rich Media Matter Tag is a drop pin description that highlights key features and labels rooms. It can include text, images or video descriptions embedded in your 3D Showcase Tour.

Which web browsers are compatible with viewing the 3D Virtual Tours?

The 3D Showcase uses “WebGL”, the modern standard for handling 3D content viewed on the web. On desktop computers, WebGL is supported by all of the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari, and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.
On mobile devices, WebGL is supported by Apple’s Safari for iOS 8 and Google’s Chrome for Android devices. Loading times typically can take longer on mobile devices. If you can’t view the Virtual Tour, please update your browser.
Check your browser’s compatibility with this free browser compatibility tool: