The 3D Showcase camera system incorporates High­Dynamic­Range Imaging (HDR) sensors which allow the camera to adjust to changes in light.  This means that both light and dark areas can be captured at the same time.  The only issues encountered with this system are direct overhead sunlight.  Showcases ultimately turn out best when scheduled on a cloudy day, or in the morning or evening hours. As long as there is sufficient interior lighting, the finished project will look as good as a model created on a sunny day.
For oceanfront properties and similar spaces that feature a view to the outside property as a key selling point, good weather is best, but can be worked out on a case-by-case basis.

The nature of LIDAR 3D scanning is such that environments of harsh or bright sunlight may affect sections of the 3D model.  Outdoor scanning is not supported and will be included only when possible.  360° photos are available if weather permits at time of scan.