Google and Matterport 3D virtual tours both have advantages.  You will receive a FREE Matterport 3D virtual tour with every Google Street View Tour.

Google Virtual Tours:

  • ONLY Google Virtual Tours appear right in Google search results and Google Maps. This doubles the effectiveness of your Google presence.
  • Price: Automated processing allows a remarkably low production cost.
  • Improved Google Local Search Results Ranking (Slightly, but even better with a virtual tour on you website.)
  • Improved Click-Through Rates from search results to your website.
  • See everything. A Google tour usually includes far more 360 steps, more closely placed, giving visitors the chance to look more closely at what is on the walls, hangers and shelves. Especially good for retail stores. Like walking through yourself.
  • No website? No problem. Google Virtual Tours are hosted by Google and get results even if your business has no website. (Although a website is a major contributor to search engine ranking.)
  • The best option if your website doesn’t allow virtual tours. This is especially true of franchise sites, many canned or template sites or if you just don’t want the programing challenge. And, if you can embed a YouTube video or Google map on your site, you can easily embed a Google virtual tour.
  • Google Branding on the tour even when embedded on your website. Some feel this lends a cache’ of credibility.
  • Embed the tour on your website or Facebook page.

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours:

  • Significant Native Search Engine Ranking improvements on all search engines when tour is given proper exposure.
  • Enhancements greatly improving effectiveness:
    • Background sound or music
    • Voice over narrator
    • Automated cinematic motion
    • Animated elements within images
    • Thumbnail navigation to move rapidly from one location to another especially over long distances.
    • Floor plans
    • Maps
    • Descriptive text, captions and titles
    • Virtual objects
    • Videos
    • Essentially, anything you can think of can be done
  • Share more of your story. Include voice over, pop-up text, even titles to tell visitors what they are looking at and why it is important adds significantly.
  • Real 360×180 viewing on mobile devices. Look all the way up and down without distortion. Works on all modern iOS, Android and Windows devices.
  • No Google Branding in the tour.